Thursday, March 6, 2008

Gratitude and Giving Will Lead to Your Success

Saya tertarik dengan tajuk dibawah bagaimana membina kejayaan dengan memberi dan menerima.
Gratitude and Giving Will Lead to Your Success By David J. Pollay

Think of some of your life’s achievements. It’s okay. No one’s watching. Go ahead. What accomplishments make you proud of yourself?

Now think about how many of these life accomplishments did you achieve completely on your own? Let me answer that question for you. The answer is, “none.” Our successes always come with help.

The real question is, “Can you name the people who were a part of each of your successes?” Who are they and what did they do? Write down their names. Think about these people.

Now, I’ll bet you’re feeling a bit or even a burst of gratitude. You have just reminded yourself how important others have been to you in your life. You have not traveled alone.

Most of us feel some amount of stress when we think about what it will take to achieve our dreams. We think, “How in the world are we going to get from here to where we hope to be?” Luckily, the answer is, “not alone.” Other people will help us.

So what’s the best way to achieve your life goals? Here’s the first answer. Look to the people who have already helped you. Thank each one personally and privately. Tell them why they are important to you and how they helped you succeed in the past. Let these people know how valuable they are to you. If you feel that you’ve thanked someone before, consider doing it again in an even more meaningful way. Keep these people in your corner. University of Michigan psychologist Christopher Peterson wrote in his book, A Primer in Positive Psychology, “In our experience with many dozens of gratitude letters…they ‘work’ 100% of the time in the sense that the recipient is moved, often to tears, and the sender is gratified as well.”

Gratitude researcher Robert Emmons recently reviewed the growing evidence that feelings of gratitude improve the quality of our lives. In one study he found that people who “wrote up to five things for which they were grateful or thankful” on a weekly basis “exercised more regularly, reported fewer physical symptoms, felt better about their lives as a whole, and were more optimistic about the upcoming week.” Positive Psychology co-founder Martin Seligman of the University of Pennsylvania, and his colleagues also discovered that when people took a few minutes each evening to write down “three good things” that happened to them during the day, their happiness increased and their depressive symptoms decreased.

Emmons found in another study that people who feel gratitude are more likely to help others. Emmons wrote, “Gratitude leads not only to feeling good, but also to doing good.”

So what’s the best way to achieve your life goals? Here’s the second answer. Think about who else could help you. Through a lens of gratitude, think about how you could repay them in advance for their support. What could you do for them now? How could you help them in some way? Your commitment to helping them will demonstrate two things: You care about what they care about, and you appreciate the role they could play in your life.

You will stand out as a giver, and leave the takers of the world standing in line. Your new contacts will be grateful to you. And we know what happens when people feel gratitude.

Gratitude and giving will lead to your success.
Ambil Iktibar. Salam Kejayaan.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Anda adalah apa yang anda lakukan.

Pernah dengar ungkapan ini 'Anda adalah apa yang anda lakukan.' Saya yakin bahawa ramai yang pernah.

“Habit my friend, is practice long pursued, that at last becomes the man himself” (Evenus)

Soalan Cepumas.

Semenjak kecil, saya selalu bertanya soalan ini “ Kenapa sebilangan orang lebih berjaya dari orang lain? Saya mencari jawapan ini dan akhirnya saya mendapat jawapan. (bila dah besar :), lama tu)

Daripada orang-orang yang telah berjaya, dimana mereka selalu menyebut dan mengulang perkara ini, cuma saya kurang peka dan fokus dan tidak mendengar dengan terperinci apa yang diulangkan.

Malahan lagu yang pernah popular satu masa dahulu ada kebenarannya….’Jika kau fikir kau boleh'…..(saya tak ingat tajuknya) tapi saya yakin ramai yang tahu lagu ini.

‘Anda adalah apa yang anda fikirkan dan lakukan, semuanya di tangan anda.

Fikir semula…Semua yang anda fikirkan adalah apa yang anda fikirkan dan lakukan.

Anda mampu mengawal diri dengan mengawal fikiran, pertuturan dan kekuatan melakukan untuk mencapai destinasi anda.

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Apakah matlamat hidup anda? Tips hari ini adalah mengenai matlamat anda.

Sebelum anda melakukan apa-apa, anda perlu mempunyai matlamat yang jelas. (Jika ingin mengetahui dengan lebih lanjut, baca buku 'Goals' - Brian Tracy, terdapat 21 langkah)

Antaranya saya cuba sipnopsiskan...

  1. Tiada limit dalam potensi anda
  2. Hidup anda adalah tanggungjawap anda sendiri
  3. Cipta masa depan anda sendiri
  4. Anda perlu jelas apakah nilai-nilai anda
  5. Cari matlamat sebenar diri anda
  6. Anda perlu satu matlamat yang jelas
  7. Kerpercayaan kepada kebolehan diri anda sendiri
  8. Mulakan Hari ini......Just do it
  9. Pantau perkembangan diri
  10. Selesaikan sebarangmasalah yang menghalang
  11. Jadi yang terbaik
  12. Kerjasama @ berkawan dengan golongan yang berjaya
  13. Sedia perancangan yang rapi
  14. Uruskan masa anda dengan sebaik-baiknya.
  15. Analisa matlamat anda setiap hari.
  16. Sentiasa membayangkan matlamat anda
  17. Sentiasa Fleksible
  18. Buka kreativiti anda
  19. Buat sesuatu setiap hari ke arah matlamat anda
  20. Masukkan ke subconcious minda anda
  21. Jangan Putus Asa.

Jika ini yang anda lakukan setiap hari nescaya anda akan nampak dan mencapai matlamat anda.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

15 Tips on how to survive in the Network Marketing.

Business Network Marketing can help you make loads of money. Of course. It can.It is not hard to do but many people make it hard for themselves.Every work either it may be studying, marketing, selling, buying etc. require lots of hard-work and careful planning.

When you don't know where you have to go then how will you reach your destination? A successful MLM home business plans determine your success or failure.A strong and firm believe helps in achieving success.

1. Know your company or the sponsor (you are working for) thoroughly.
2. Never hesitate to speak up about your company or the product of your company, which you are representing.
3. You should be confident in what you are saying.
4. You must behave and act, in a manner as if you believe in what you say.
5. Customers don't believe the person who does not believe in what you are saying.
6. Make your upline as your ideal and try to follow what they say.
7. Make your down line comfortable and ensure them of their success.
8. Don't make fake promises. Only make a promise when you believe it to be true.
9. The best and the advisable thing before you start a MLM business is to try out the products or services for yourself. This will makes to have a personal opinion about the product, which will help you promote and represent it in a better way.
10. Now if you are not satisfied with it, you will not recommend it to anyone. You will surely not selling something which is of poor quality and unsatisfying character.
11. The next important secret is to find out how successful your sponsor has been. Take in account the time that he has spent being in this profession.
12. It's more important check out whether your sponsor is interested in helping you or not. If no, you will have to make a harder attempt.
13. Actually MLM business is people's business rather than products/ services business.
14. Before you actually begin a MLM business, make sure that you have sufficient knowledge and you are aware of everything that requires you to start a network marketing business.
15. And the most important of all, this MLM business is for you if you desire to earn in six figures and of course you have to attend all company meetings & teleconferences so that you will meet other marketers that will also pass on valuable tips to help you on your way.
All the best and to your success.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Zamri Nanyan

Saya terbaca artikel satu artikel dari Zamri Nanyan mengenai Senarai Nama dan ingin berkongsi maklumat mengenainya yang bukan saja memanfaatkan saya tetapi anda juga. :)

Membina “Senarai Nama” Di Internet Untuk MLM Anda
oleh Zamri Nanyan

Saya pasti anda akan diberikan tugasan untuk membuat senarai nama prospek anda sekiranya anda menceburi sebarang MLM. Saya tahu kerana pada permulaan saya berkecimpung di dalam MLM konvensional, itulah yang diajar kepada saya.

Anda akan disuruh menyenaraikan 100 nama rakan dan ahli keluarga terdekat untuk dihubungi bagi mempromosikan perniagaan MLM ini.

Dan jika anda sudah kehausan prospek, barulah anda memulakan cara lain untuk mencari prospek atau bakal pelanggan.

Namun begitu, bagaimanakah anda membuat senarai nama di Internet dan apakah alatan yang diperlukan?

Pertama sekali anda perlu tahu bahawa mencari prospek adalah perkara yang paling penting di dalam perniagaan MLM ataupun perniagaan Internet - lebih-lebih lagi sekiranya perniagaan anda lebih kepada menjual produk affiliate/MLM atau produk sendiri.

Sekiranya anda dapat mengumpul sebanyak mungkin senarai nama prospek, kebarangkalian untuk anda berjaya adalah tinggi tetapi perlu juga diingatkan bahawa ada banyak pengusaha bisnes di Internet menggunakan cara yang tidak beretika semasa mencari prospek.

Sebagai contoh, mengaut nama dan email orang yang “entah dari mana-mana” dengan menggunakan sebuah perisian dan mengahantar email kepada mereka. Inilah yang dinamakan “spam” dan silap haribulan, bisnes anda akan diberhentikan oleh syarikat MLM anda kerana terlalu banyak komplen yang menyatakan anda melakukan pemasaran email tidak beretika.
Bagaimanapun, di sini saya ada jawapan kepada pemasaran email yang terbukti efektif dan semestinya beretika.

Peralatan pertama dan juga merupakan senjata maut anda di dalam membuat senarai nama dan juga pemasaran MLM anda di Internet ialah “AUTORESPONDER”.

Tetapi bukan sekadar autoresponder biasa tetapi autoresponder yang membolehkan anda mengumpul nama dan email prospek, menghantar beberapa email kepada prospek anda secara automatik dan juga membenarkan anda menghantar email pada bila-bila masa kepada semua prospek anda sekali gus.

Dengan menggunakan autoresponder, semua pengendalian penghantaran email dan promosi MLM anda akan menjadi lebih teratur dan ada kalanya promosi anda berjalan secara autopilot tanpa memerlukan anda menghubungi prospek anda secara manual. Jadi, tak mustahil sekiranya jika anda menggunakan autoresponder yang baik, anda dapat mendaftar ahli baru ke dalam MLM anda walaupun anda sedang tidur nyenyak di siang hari.

Ada kalanya syarikat MLM anda menyediakan perkhidmatan autoresponder kepada anda (sekiranya MLM anda menggunakan Internet) dan apa yang anda perlu lakukan ialah mempromosikan laman web yang membolehkan prospek anda meninggalakan nama dan email mereka untuk dihubungi oleh syarikat MLM anda bagi pihak anda.

Di sini sekiranya anda tidak berminat untuk membina sistem mengumpul senarai nama anda sendiri, anda boleh menggunakan perkhidmatan yang disediakan oleh syarikat MLM anda.
Apa yang perlu anda buat adalah cuma mempromosikan laman web yang berfungsi untuk mengumpul nama dan email prospek anda dan lakukan promosi tersebut secara besar-besaran.
Sekiranya anda seperti saya, anda mungkin ingin membina laman web untuk memulakan senarai nama anda sendiri dan anda bolehlah melanggan perkhidmatan autoresponder di laman web berikut:

Tanya kepada saya sekali lagi “apakah senjata maut di dalam online MLM?” dan saya akan berikan jawapan “autoresponder” pada bila-bila masa.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Share your Dreams.....Let People help you.

Saya teringat kepada kata-kata Sifu saya SPD KAZ sebelum memulakan sesuatu...mesti ada IMFT (Impian, Matlamat, Fokus dan Tindakan). Dan saya terjumpa article serba ringkas mengenai Impian yang ingin saya kongsikan bersama.

Share Your Dreams.....Let People Help You.
By David J. Pollay

Have you ever said something like this to yourself?

“I have a dream. I want to do what I love every day.

Yet, I don’t know how to get there. I am too busy. I have too many responsibilities right now. When things slow down, I’ll figure out what to do.”Most of us are affected by this thinking at some point in time. We keep our dreams locked up inside. We wait for another day.
It’s time to break this cycle of thinking. Stop limiting yourself. Let other people help you think about how to achieve your dreams. Call in their mind power.

Consider this. You’re at a party and someone says, “What are you up to?” How would you respond? Most of the time I hear people fumble through their answers. They say things like, “Not much. Business is good. Family’s good. How about you?”

Why waste time boring yourself and others with responses like these. Skip that stuff. Let other people share in your passion; ask for their ideas and advice. Most people will feel closer to you as a result. And those who show no interest in your passion are better left alone; there’s no need to spend much time with people who do not care about what matters to you.

“People who report high levels of commitment and involvement in their goals show a high level of well-being and low distress,” reported psychology researchers Jari-Erik Nurmi and Katariina Salmela-Aro in a chapter they wrote in A Life Worth Living by Mihaly and Isabella Csikszentmihalyi.

Share Your Passion Here’s how I like to respond to the question, “What are you up to?” I say, “I’m excited about my new television program, and I’m having a lot of fun writing my weekly newspaper columns. You know, I’d love your thoughts on something.” I open myself to their feedback and give them a chance to contribute. Then I return the favor and ask them what they are focusing on. I try to engage them. Heidi Goff, former MasterCard Division General Manager once told me, “Always come ready with your paperwork to be signed.” Her point was that you should believe in your work enough that you are ready for someone to sign on the bottom line at any time. Goff’s advice also applies to meeting people. You should be ready to share your passion with others. People may be ready to help you right now.

Trust Yourself You must trust yourself to know that you are committed to your dreams; you are sincere in your desire to change your life. Don’t get caught up in an inner dialogue that questions your commitment to your passion. It won’t help you to repeat, “I’m not sure if I really want to do this or not, so I better not say anything.” You have to trust that your dreams are real. You have to trust that while you might not yet have a plan to make your dreams a reality, you will. Believe in yourself. Trust yourself. Fernando Flores and Robert Solomon in their book Trust wrote, “The freedom provided by trust is the freedom to think for oneself and speak up with one’s ideas. It includes as its consequence (not its cost) the freedom to be questioned and criticized – and the right to be recognized and (if deserving) rewarded.”

Share Your Dreams. My Mom’s Mom used to say to us, “Don’t hide your light in a bushel basket.” My grandmother wanted us to get out and connect with people. “Let them know what you’re doing. Let them know what’s important to you.” Share your dreams. Let people help you.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Internet Marketing Workshop....Hebat

Biarlah saya mulakan dengan mengucapkan terima kasih pada SPD Kaz & geng, sekali lagi telah berjaya berkongsi didalam Internet Marketing Workshop....cukup hebat....tak sia-2 aku batalkan temujanji ku untuk Internet Marketing ini.

Pesertanya yang saya booking tempatnya hanyalah untuk 20 orang. Alhamdulilah 32 orang yang hadir...kecoh sekejap jadinya untuk pertambahan meja dan pertambahan untuk breakfast, lunch & dinner...alhamdulilah dapat juga diselesaikan cepat.

Apa yang boleh saya kongsikan IM Workshop nie.....Cukup hebat, terlalu banyak ilmu yang boleh dipraktikkan dan .... masih banyak lagi ilmu yang perlu saya pelajari terutamanya dalam dunia IT.

Habis sahaja, Internet Marketing Workshop nie, sepanjang malam saya berfikir dan merancang strategi menggunakan ilmu yang baru dipelajari. Dibawah nie ader beberapa gambar untuk dikongsikan bersama semasa di Internet Marketing Worksyop.

Jika anda hendak tau bagaimana saya yang dahulunya seorang Pengurus Akaun boleh berubah fikiran, dan membuktikan kesungguhan untuk terus berjaya....klik di sini.